Wednesday, August 30, 2006
My Website Hates Me
Well, I totally had this awesome post about how Aaron and I are finally starting to realize that there will no longer be just the two of us anymore..and it even had a slideshow of pictures of us from the very begining...but my website ate my post and will only show html code for the slideshow. So apparently that post wasn't meant to be...but you get the idea. I'm not in enough of a mushy gushy mood this morning to rewrite the whole thing. It was a fleeting moment, really it was.

My last night at home without a baby was last night. I was determined to get some sleep, but ironically enough, I'm sure you can guess that sleep was not in store for me. I went to bed at 10pm and read a book until 11:30pm. Then I awoke with a start for some reason at 12:30am. The last time I looked at the clock after that was 4:30am...and then finally I just went ahead and got up at 6:45am. And I know I won't get any sleep in the hospital. Oh well, people do it everyday. Doctors actually operate on people with less sleep than I've had, so I think I can handle taking care of a newborn.

Well, I'm off to finish all the last minute details before we go to the hospital this afternoon. Those details include a pedicure and an eyebrow wax, so you can be jealous if you want. But just remember that I will be birthing a human being sometime tomorrow, so you may not want to be jealous for too long.

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Monday, August 28, 2006
The Verdict is In...
I went into the OB this morning, and still no progression. So, I will be going into the hospital on Wednesday afternoon to get Cervidil to help soften my cervix. Then on Thursday morning they will start the pitocin drip, and hopefully a few hours later little miss Aeralyn will make her glorious appearance.

I can't believe it is finally happening.

It's not exactly how I would have wanted everything to go. I mean, I was really looking forward to that Oh-my-goodness-my-water-just-broke-we-need-to-drive-like-maniacs-to-the-hospital-right-NOW-call-the-family-and-OH-MY-GAH moment...but it looks like that is not going to be happening. *sigh* I think I will survive. I'm not much on suprises anyway, so this will be just fine.

It has really started to sink in now, and it's kinda freaking me out a little bit. I mean, really, whose idea was it to put me in charge of an actual living, breathing, human being? I'm thinking that may not have been a good choice since I can barely take care of myself. For instance...wanna know what I had for breakfast this morning? A butterfinger candy bar. That's right...a candy bar. For breakfast. And that is not some crazy pregnancy thing I've got going on...these are the kinds of decisions I make on a daily basis. Poor Aeralyn.

But seriously, y'all be thinking about us over here and say a little extra prayer for us that everything goes well. I will be updating as soon as I can. We are taking the laptop to the hospital in hopes that they have a wireless internet connection that we can hook up to. If that is the case, you can bet I will be blogging from the hospital bed, and you guys will have pictures of Aeralyn a few hours after she is born. If there is no internet we can hook up to, then I don't know when you'll get an update, but it will be as soon as I am physically able to give you one.

I'm off now to enjoy one of my last baby-free nights that I have left!


Saturday, August 26, 2006
Blogging Chicks
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Just wanted to let you all know about my new group that I joined. It's called blogging chicks and it is a website where you can read a bunch of blogs written by some awesome chicks. So, when you get tired of reading what I have to say, (which I'm sure will never happen HA!) look over on the right side of my page and you will se a scroll thingy, and you can click on the links and see what these ladies are talking about. Enjoy!!


Weekly Reflections #3
What I learned this week:

1. Having contractions for three days straight doesn't necessarily mean that you are dialating. Go figure.

2. A pregnant woman + nesting instinct = tons and tons of energy and the NEED to clean and organize everything in sight.

3. Sometimes all you really need is a good long that off with a couple of yells and a Smore's Pop-Tart and you should feel much better. Worked for me!

4. Exactly 8 months ago today, I took my first pregnancy test. I had never been so scared and shocked in my life. I didn't even know what to think or what I would do, and now here I am...and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else in my life right now. This just feels right, and I feel like I am following a plan that was set just for me and my family. The only way I could possibly be happier right now is if Aeralyn was here already...but I have accepted that she will be here when she gets here, and I am ok with that.

5. Installing a carseat is not an easy task, at all. Thank the Lord Aaron is somewhat of a handy man, and I'm good at reading instructions.

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Friday, August 25, 2006
The Cutest Dog EVER
Since I posted a picture of Coal last week, I thought I would post some of Lola so you can be completely overwhelmed with her cuteness. So here you go!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006
I promised an update, so here it is.

I went to the OB today, and I still have no progression. She wants to see me back on Monday so we can discuss doing an induction next week. At the earliest I will be induced on Thursday. I'm so upset and I have cried almost all day long, which is so not like me at all. So please don't be mad if I haven't called you and told you the news. I'm just not in the mood to talk to anyone right now. I'm just so tired and uncomfortable and impatient...and I really like things to go my way, so when they don't, I get a little bratty.

I hope I go into labor on my own before then, but I'm not counting on it. Please be thinking about us over here. Pray for me atleast a little bit of sleep before she gets here, and pray that my body will WAKE UP and do what it is supposed to do.

Sorry I have nothing upbeat and funny to tell you today. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better.


Monday, August 21, 2006
Somebody Stop Me
I decided it's about time to get that post of grossness off of the top of my page, so here is another post to replace it with. But before I get on with that business, I wanted to say thanks to my dear friend Lindsey for being the only one of you readers that was brave enough to answer the question I left at the bottom of my last post. Thank you Lindsey! You are awesomely aweseome!

I have come to the conclusion that the rest of you either:

a.) got bored with the entry all together and fell asleep before you made it to the end, where the question was.
b.) think that I am a major disgusting freak and no longer want to be my friend. Too bad for you if you are my family though, cause there ain't no changing that! Lucky you!
c.) you are, in fact, more disgusting than myself and are not yet ready to share that with the rest of the world. Chicken.
d.) don't actually know how to leave me a comment. And if that is the case, look at the bottom of each post and you will see a link that says comments. Click on that and *wallah*, the rest is a piece of cake. Or maybe a piece of that lovely breakfast casserole that was in my fridge.

Whichever you prefer.

My nesting instinct has kicked into full gear, and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. Over the weekend I managed to: wash every piece of dirty laundry in the entire house, fold and put away all that laundry, clean out and organize all of my kitchen cabinets which led to building a huge pile to take to Goodwill, vacuum, sweep every sweepable area in the house, pack mine and Aaron's bags to take to the hospital, pack Aeralyn's diaper bag, clean and disinfect every single hard surface you can imagine, clean out the refrigerator, clean out the pantry, make a list of the rest of the bills that need to be paid this month so that Aaron won't be completely lost if he needs to actually write a check to someone, and I scrubbed the bathtub and both of the toilets. Oh yeah, and one of the days of the weekend I spent shopping in Hilton Head, so actually all of that was done in 24 hours. And, I was not the least bit tired I might add. Where did all this energy come from?

And after all that, Aeralyn is still not here. I mean, doesn't she care that I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets for her?? I'm starting to feel like I am going to be pregnant forever!!!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I am really scared to see what she is going to say. I hope I have made some major progression because I have been having alot of contractions, and I can definitely tell she has dropped into my pelvis. I'm just afraid that my OB is going to say: "Let's give it another week and see what happens." I know that if I hear that, I will have an emotional breakdown right there in the office. I don't know if I can do it one more week, and next week is Aaron's last week off work too, so I really want to have her while he can be home to enjoy her with me.

Y'all be thinking about me and Aeralyn, and I will let you guys know what happens soon.


Saturday, August 19, 2006
And You Thought You Were Crazy
Well, I am here to tell you people that I am, in fact, crazier than all of you. Put together possibly. The entry you are about to read contains nothing about pregnancy, Aaron's near death experiences, bad moods, crying fits, or world dominating cats. I know, you must all be crushed, really. But trust me when I tell you that when you are done reading it, you will feel so much better about yourself than you do right now. And what else am I here for except to boost your self esteem? You're welcome.

I am afraid of my refrigerator. No. Really. I hate it, and maybe I have nightmares about it. No, I don't think it is going to up and kill me or anything (although, it might have reasons to), but let me just say I HATE cleaning it out. Y'all, please try and follow me with this one. I put stuff into the refrgerator, and do y'all know it doesn't stay fresh forever? And when it's not so fresh, it really grosses me out? Like dry-heaving-holding-my-nose-oh-my-goodness-please-kill-me-now! I know what you're thinking...the logical explanation would be to clean it out before the contents become...not so fresh. But I can't do that, physically. I don't know why, but maybe there is something inside me, deep down inside me, that gets happy about that green fuzzy mold that grows on cheese. Or the smelly chunks floating in the milk. It's like, living stuff, and it's weird and gross and horrible smelling..and I always have it in my fridge. Don't believe me? I have pictures to prove it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Yes, I finally got around to cleaning out the wretched refrigerator today, and I took lovely pictures of the contents for all the world to see. Hi world!! Aren't you excited? I thought you might be.

Let's start with the top left photo. That would be strawberries, and they are atleast 3 weeks old...possibly even a whole month old. They are crystalized to the tupperware people.

The next photo to the right is spaghetti sauce. Know when we had spaghetti? My birthday. And for those of you who don't know when that was, it was July 28th. Uh huh, that's right.

Bottom left. That is milk, and I know you can't see the date, but it says August 9th. That milk is 10 days past it's prime...and you know what? I've had milk in there way older than that before. I have no shame.

And lastly, the bottom right photo is breakfast casserole. That white stuff on top? Mold. And I? Have absolutely no idea how old that stuff is, but it is definitely filed under on of the grossest things to ever come out of my refrigerator category.

So, there you have it people. I have confessed one of my deepest, dirtiest secrets to you all, and now really...don't you feel so much better about yourself? I know you do. Now you all owe me big time...I want to know what makes you just a little bit crazier (or grosser) than the rest of the population. Don't be scared now...I mean, it can't be worse than what I've told you.


Weekly Reflections #2
What I have learned this week:

1. When my husband can't hear the TV, he turns off the Air Conditioner. He turns it off...OFF!! HELLO! And then? He forgets to turn it back on. Have you noticed he forgets alot? Yea, me too. I thought I was going to melt the other day, and I was refusing to turn down the AC because: OH. MY. GAH!! The light bill makes me cry, but I decided to go and check and make sure that it was not broken, and do you know what the thermostat said? 84 degrees. EIGHTY FOUR DEGREES!! In my HOUSE!! He survived. Why does everyone worry for his safety so much. I mean, really.

2. I am so in love with the new commercial for some label maker thingy. Have you seen it? The one where the old couple get up and kiss eachother good morning and then they smile and realize that they have on eachother's dentures? I LOVE that commercial. I thought I might send myself into labor the first couple of times I saw it because I was laughing so hard. Pftt...that didn't happen.

3. Apparently I need to have sex. Did that catch you off guard? Yea, it does me too, everytime someone suggests it. And let me tell you, EVERYONE has suggested it. And when I say everyone, I mean that also includes my mother-in-law. does she know about that? Supposedly doing the "hibbety-dibbety" will send me into labor. Wait a minute...isn't that what got me in this mess in the first place? That's what I thought. And maybe you haven't seen me lately, but I am the size of a small whale, and I'm not so sure about the "hibbety-dibbety". Frankly, I would rather drink some castor oil.

4. A single grape can entertain my dog for about half and hour. She got so excited over a grape that I gave her on Friday that I think she may have had a small seizure. Wow.

5. The new restaurant in town that I have been wanting to try for the past month so bad that I think about it, like, every single day SUCKS!! Ate there Friday night, won't go back again because it was so... not good. I won't mention the name on here just because I'm so influential and so many people read this, you know. And you might actually like it.

6. My cat is a big fat woosie cat. He is big, I mean really...he weighs 11lbs, and he likes to sit around the house plotting how he is going to dominate the world. He figures he already has us dominated...I don't know why he thinks this because, it's not like he has his own room or anything crazy like that. Okay, so maybe he does...but, shut up. So anyway, he had to go to the vet because he s allergic to something which has caused him to scratch a rash around his neck and now he is all scabby and yuck y'all. I felt so sorry for him. So, I loaded him up to go to the vet. By myself, which was great idea of the century #492.
Now, Coal, being the manly cat that he is, refuses to ride in a pet carrier. Oh no..Coal is too good for a pet carrier, but that's okay because he actually does really awesome in the car, and always has. So, off we go to the vet. He cried the WHOLE. WAY. THERE. I mean, like he already knew where we were going or something.
We arrive at the vet and I carry him inside to the front desk. He immediately turns around and digs his claws into my shoulder. He is PISSED people...I mean big time. He remembers that the vet is where he went one time, and he came home without his balls. I mean, can you really blame him?
He hid behind me the whole time in the examination room like a little woosie, and acted like he was afraid of the world. I tried talking to him, but he wouldn't even look at me. The vet said that he may be allergic to fleas, or it could be a food allergy (though probably not because he has been eating this food for a long time now), or...get this could be stress. You know, like how your face breaks out when you get stressed? Yea, that could be it. So, he gets a cortizone shot and an antibiotic, and needs lots of love and special attention. Did I mention he has his OWN ROOM? What more does he want? Geez...
So, I put him back in the car, and he sat in the back seat the whole way home, not making a sound and staring out the window. I could hear him mumbling under his breath "I have the worst mom EVER on the history of the planet. I hate her. I think I'll piss on something that she likes when we get home... *evil chuckles".

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is Coal plotting his world domination. Be afraid very afraid.

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Friday, August 18, 2006
I'm So Over This Pregnancy Stuff
I haven't made an update in a while. Why? Because I've been too busy. Busy doing what you might ask? I've been busy complaining, crying, yelling, and not getting any sleep. I think the sleep thing has alot to do with the rest of the crap.

I had an awesome first 6 months of pregnancy. I felt great, looked pretty great, and just enjoyed being pregnant. These last three months? They have been HELL!!! I swear to you, I didn't go through all the hormonal crap the first trimester like I was "supposed" to according to all those books. But I am going through it now that's for sure! Last night I almost killed Aaron. Did you read that right? ALMOST. KILLED. HIM. Why? Because he forgot to bring the trashcan back from the road after the pickup on Monday, for approximately the 9,756th time. Why didn't I just go and get the trashcan myself?

Reason #1: The trashcan is his one and ONLY chore that he has to do. Aren't I nice?

Reason #2: We do not have a driveway. Still. Yes we have lived here over a year. Shut up. So getting the trashcan to and from the road requires walking down into the ditch, and back up again, and frankly, it is really a big pain in the butt.

Reason #3: If he loved me, he would get the trashcan.

Reason #4: I'm pregnant. Yes, that is an excuse, and I might actually miss using this excuse soon.

That's right ladies and gentleman. Be glad you do not have to deal with me on a daily basis. Unless, of course, you do have to deal with me on a daily basis, then in that case LEAVE ME ALONE! I mean it. If you value your life, please stay away from me because I have gone a little bit nutty. Oh, and Aaron survived, so don't go worrying about him.

I did have a doctor's appointment yesterday. After about 5 minutes of searching for my cervix (no lie, she was up to her ELBOW), she said that I might be a fingertip dialated. Once again, I think she said that just to make me feel better because she saw, and was scared of, the wild look in my eyes. She also said that it could all happen very fast and I may not even make it to my appointment next Thursday. That, my friends, would make me very VERY happy! Especially since next Friday is my due date.

If next Friday comes and goes and I do not have this little girl, plan on not even talking to me, looking at me, or being within three miles of me at any given time. I will be so upset, and I am going to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get a gallon of strawberry ice cream that I WILL eat Friday night. You can't stop me, and frankly I would be very afraid to try if I were you.


Saturday, August 12, 2006
Weekly Reflections #1
I'm adding something new to my blog for your viewing pleasure...all of my viewers...yes YOU! All, like, 3 of you. So anyway, it's called Weekly Reflections, and it will consist of stuff that I have learned the past week, and whatever I wanto say that my not be good enough to blog about on it's own, but it's good enough to reflect upon and add to a list. I like to make lists for some obsessive reason. I will try to do this every Saturday...notice I did say try because I do have a newborn on the way, and I do have somewhat of a life away from the computer, believe it or not. Geez, give me a break!

What I've Learned This Week:

1. A pan of brownies doesn't go a long way when a pregnant woman is in the room. Now why do you go and assume that I am the pregnant woman? I swear, you people. Okay, so maybe it was me, but they were good and nobody was looking.
2. The local Wal-Mart is taking inventory. Again. For the 975th time this year.
3. The "big" shrimp sauce at Sakura on hwy 17 is quart sized. Yes, a QUART of shrimp sauce, which could supply a family of 4 for the next, I don't know, couple of years or so.
4. My dog can poop approximately 8 times per day. I don't think you want me to elaborate on that one, just take my word for it.
5. I can decorate my blog and make it all pretty for everyone to look at. It may have taken me a really really long time, but I think it was worth it. Don't you?
6. My husband is a big woosie when it comes to pain and blood. I will be coaching myself in the delivery room while he is passed out cold on the floor next to the hospital bed.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006
The Full Moon has Failed Me
Last night there was a full moon, and I was so hoping to go into labor...but as you can see I did not *sigh*. Actually, it turned out for the best since my lovely husband decided to try and cut off his finger with a machete yesterday afternoon, so he really isn't in any shape to help me with an infant now. And it was his right hand, of course, but thankfully it did not require stitches. We are just keeping it bandadged and clean, and as you can imagine, he is in the worst pain that anyone has ever been in in the history of the world, so please keep him in your prayers. I look for him to take his last breath at any moment. (sorry, did you catch the sarcasm in that?) It's the baby taking over my brain...

And in other news:

I had a doctor's appointment today and I'm dialated to 4cm and 70% effaced. *Evil laughter* Don't I WISH!! That was the news I was hoping to get, but instead I got "I think you may have shortened just a little". I am completely convinced that she was telling me this just to make it sound like I have made some progress, and because she saw the tears welling up in my eyes, and she may have feared for her saftey...but just for a second. It did make me feel a little better. I'm hoping that it will all just kind of happen over night, and my water will break in a split second with one big gush, then Aaron will rush me to the hospital just in time to get my epidural. I will push a total of 4 times and she will arrive all pink and pretty and wide eyed, and everyone will say she is the most beautful thing they have ever seen. You think that's a crazy fantasy? Then I won't tell you about the one where she sleeps 9 hours a night every night from day one. I don't want you to think I'm insane or something...


Saturday, August 05, 2006
So, It's a Good Thing My Legs Were Shaved...
Yesterday was a little bit crazy. When I went to the OB on Thursday, I mentioned to her that I hadn't been feeling Aeralyn move as much as normal. She gave me a fetal movement tracking chart to start on Friday to make sure that everything was still going fine. So, yesterday morning I got up and ate a strawberry shortcake for know, because that's what the baby wanted...and I laid on the couch on my left side to track movements for an hour. If you don't feel 4 movements within an hour, you are supposed to call the office and ask for further instructions. Guess how many movements I felt? NONE! Talk about going into full panic freak mode! I called the office and they told me to go into Labor and Delivery. Guess what? I was home alone...and Aaron? He was in the middle of the freaking Atlantic Ocean. Yea...awesome.

So, I drove to the hospital, all the way calling answer. I felt NO movement all the way to the hospital, and I was really starting to get worried. You see, she is quite the regular dancing queen, usually to the point where I feel bruised on the inside, so you can see why I was a little freaked out. They sent me right up to L&D and hooked me up to the monitors. The sweetest sound in the world is the beating heart of your child, trust me on this one. So, immediately I had some relief knowing that she was alive and well in there, just not moving. The nurse wanted to let the monitors run for 30 mins and come back and check. She came back and looked at the printout and said "hmmm...". Okay, what does that mean?! Then she starts asking me all kinds of questions:

Nurse: "Has she moved yet?"
Me: "No"
Nurse: "Have you eaten anything today?"
Me: "Yes, and I even had something extra sweet because I knew I was doing a fetal movement chart."
Nurse: "Does she normally move after you eat?"
Me: "Always"
Nurse: "Hmmmm.... let's let this run for another 30 mins, and I'll be back."

I started to get a little worried again, especially when she came back to check the priontout, and then hurried back out to get another nurse for a second opinion. They decided to use this little buzzer thingy to try and wake her up. They placed it on my belly...and nothing. They did it again, and FINALLY she moved! But she only moved a couple of times, and then she stopped. Still very unusual for her. So they decided to get the doctor. He came in and wanted a Bio-Scan done. What that is is an ultrasound, and during the ultrasound they check her organs and measurements just to make sure everything is ok. So, the ultrasound tech came in and Aeralyn immediately started moving all around...thank GOD!!! She was so adorable too! She has the chubbiest little cheeks and big pouty lips...and she passed the bio-scan with flying colors!! What a relief. They think that she must have been sleeping really well and didn't want to wake up, so I just have to monitor her movements and make sure that I go in if it happens again.

She weighs 7lbs 5oz already, and I am measuring a week ahead. So that puts me at 37 weeks and 5 days now. I'm hoping that she may come a little sooner!! And guess what?? She has HAIR! We saw it on the ultrasound! I was so suprised because both Aaron and I were bald-headed at birth, but she won't be! I'll be sure to pack a bow for pictures in the hospital.

So, I'm very relieved to find out that everything is going ok with her in there. And she has been moving like a champ all day today. I just hope she doesn't give us any more scares!!


Thursday, August 03, 2006
Did I Shave My Legs For THIS??!!
Let me re-phrase that...did Aaron shave my legs for this? Yes, you are reading that right. Let me begin with my first embarrassing story....

Last night as I was soaking in the bathtub, I happened to catch a glimpse of my legs out of the corner of my eye. Let me spare you the gory details and just say that it was not a pretty sight. So, since I had an appointment with the OB today, I decided I would *gasp* shave them!! Easier said than done. I started lathering up my right leg...and after approximately 7 minutes of trying my hardest to reach my leg comfortably, I decided to call for help. Aaron came into the bathroom with a confused look on his face, and I told him that I needed help shaving my legs. He stood there and quietly let out a chuckle, and turned to walk out. I promptly told him that I was not kidding. The horrified look on his face was priceless...but once again I must say that I do have a wonderful husband. He shaved my legs for me...but *shhhhh*, I don't think he wants anyone to know. It was emabarrassing for me, but I feel so grateful to have someone like him to help me with anything I need. Blah blah blah...mushy gushy-ness.

Back on topic...embarrassing story #2
I have become a PRO at peeing in a cup. I have done it approximately 8,756 times over the past few months, so I feel pretty confident in saying that I am an expert on the subject. One subject I am apparently NOT an expert on is the making-sure-your-dress-isn't-tucked-into-the-back-of-your-underwear-so-you-don't-make-an-a**-out-of-yourself-in-the-docotrs-office-after-peeing-in-a-cup subject. Yes, that's right. I walked out of the bathroom and over to the scale (or as I like to call it: the self esteem killer), and a kind nurse calmly came up behind me and told me my dress was tucked in my underwear. Thank GOD for her because I don't know how long it would have taken me to figure it out. Thankfully only a couple of nurses, and a woman and HER HUSBAND saw my awesome blue polka-dot undies. Pfftt...who cares anyway right? I did, at the time, but now I can laugh. You can laugh too...oh, you already have? Thanks alot.

Anyway...I told you all of that to tell you this. I saw the OB and apparently everything is fine...but I'm not sure how she knows this because she didn't even check me!!! I was so prepared for a cervical check today (refer to the freshly shaven legs), and all she did was listen to the heartbeat and look at me, and remind me for the millionth time that I "really need to watch my weight". Also, I had prepared myself for her to check me and say that there is still absolutely no progress towards labor whatsoever and I am doomed to be pregnant forever, and then my brilliant plan was to cry hysterically and make her feel sorry for me and say "okay, we will take the baby next week." I know, I was dreaming. But none of that happened. *sigh* Maybe next time.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
The Best Husband EVER!!
I had an awesome 22nd birthday thanks to my wonderful husband!!! Let me explain...

My digital camera has been on the downward spiral for the past few months. It has been eating batteries like I've been eating....well, everything, and the pictures that it has been producing pretty much suck. So, since we have lots and lots of photo opportunities coming up, Aaron decided I needed a new camera. WOO HOO!! I am the proud (yet slightly clueless) owner of a new Olympus Stylus 810 digital camera. It takes some really good pictures, and it has all kinds of features that I'll probably never know how to use, but atleast they are there for me to admire. No, really, I've been playing with it alot, and my new favorite book is the user manual, so maybe I'll be able to take some stunning pictures when Aeralyn gets here.

But wait...THERE'S MORE!!!

Not only did he give me the perfect gift, but he also suprised me with 3 of my best friends from college! Michelle, Kimbo, and David all came to visit for mine and Michelle's birthday. I have no idea how he managed to keep it a secret for so long, but I was so suprised and excited to see them. We had a blast, and it was almost like old times living in Tifton. I can't wait to see them again.

To go along with my new camera, Michelle gave me Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0. There is so much I can do with it, I just have no clue where to start. But get prepared to see lots and lots of pictures when I do!!