Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Who the heck do I think I am?
I just Googled "Homemade Halloween Yard Decor".

Somebody please stop me.

This is what having a child does to you. Actually, I can't blame it all on the baby. I LOVE Halloween. L-O-V-E. And I think that Aeralyn has inherited that love from me. On Monday, we went shopping. And oh my goodness, there are two brand spanking new Halloween shops in my area. Yes, TWO stores with nothing but Halloween items in them.


In both of the stores, they had scary displays of ghosts, goblins, hideous witches, skeletons with flashing red eyes, HUGE spiders, the works. Aeralyn was fascinated with them all. And y'all, I might have had to hold in a tear because my little girl likes Halloween too!! Just like her mama!

Like I said before, somebody stop me. Or better yet, any ideas on homemade yard decor for Halloween? Or am I the only freak that would actually decorate their yard for the occasion?

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Blogger Lindsey said...

You're not the only freak...I brought my Oriental Trading catalog to work with me today so that I could oooh and aaaah over the Halloween decorations.

Blogger Mrs. DeVoe said...

I love Halloween. I didn't decorate last year because we were in the apartments but I REALLY want to decorate this year. Maybe we all (you,me and linds) could all get together to make halloween decorations. I know that sounds nerdy but I think it would be a blast!

Blogger Alicia said...

Aww... I love halloween. Okay, well, I love from the months September through January equally because I can't really decide which holiday is more fun to prep and celebrate for, but I still LOVE Halloween!

I'm not crafty, so I can't quite help with your decorations but it sound like fun to make it!

Anonymous erica said...

Hmm we typically don't celebrate that over here, so I have no advice. LOL. Can't wait to see pictures though!!

Blogger Jessica said...

You're not the only one. I love love love the fall time. Can't get enough of the cooler weather and leaves falling (although I hate raking them up!)

Since we moved to our new house, we've had a bunch of trick or treaters. Where we lived before, we got maybe 2, so hopefully this year brings more fun!

Blogger Marz said...

Heck no! There is a lot of people that decorate their yards & some get really elaborate. i love driving by them. I'm one of those that can't even be bothered to cut out a pumpkin, but we'll have to do it this year, for Nate's sake. I will be getting into decorating my yard more this year too, I'm sure.
Good luck & Have fun!

Anonymous Katie said...

I know we've shared this before, but I, too, am in love with Halloween. Favorite holiday, hands down! As for homemade decorations, you can make ghosts to hang from your trees by wrapping an old white sheet around a large ball (soccer, basketball, etc...) and securing under the "head" with string or strong rubberbands or whatever. The extra fabric hangs down from the head and makes it look like a can add eyes/mouth or whatever and hang in your trees. They look spooky at night, swinging around, especially if you use glow in the dark paint to make the face.

Blogger Alicia said...

Oh... so this month's Woman's Day magazine has some really cute inside and outside halloween decorations that look super easy to make. Just a thought. Thumb through the magazine the next time you're waiting in the check out line.

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