Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Tatertot Tuesday #15: Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, or other holiday of your choice. Aeralyn enjoyed her first Christmas!
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Five Things You Don't Know About Me
Erica tagged me with this meme, so here I am, trying to come up with five things you don't know about me. I have a feeling this might be more difficult than I originally thought.

I am terrified of horses, and I really have no idea why. I wish I could give you a great story about how there was this one time at the hometown parade where a horse went crazy and almost trampled me, but that's just not the case. I've never even been that close to many horses at all, but anytime I am, I get really nervous. They are beautiful creatures, majestic even, but I always feel like they are always on the verge of a major freakout, and I don't want to be involved.

I don't think I have ever really talked much about this on here, but most of the people that read this blog are people that know me personally anyway. But, since I have recently aquired some readers that I don't know in real life, I'll tell them. This Saturday, December 23rd, 2006, will be the thirteen year anniversary of my moms death. Her and my father were both older when they had me, and they both were not in good health. My mom had a disease called Von Hippel-Lindau, which I recently found out that she did not pass on to me, thank GOD, and my father had dozens of health problems, mostly caused from smoking for so many years. After my mom died in 1993 when I was nine years old, my dad followed her exactly 17 months and 1 day later. I have never been a troubled child, never succomed to depression or drug abuse or any of the other things you hear about some people in my situation doing. I am normal(HA!) and happy and I realize that everything really does happen for a reason. If I had my life to live over again, I would not change any part of it because then I would not be where I am today, and that is about as honest as I can be about that situation. I still miss them both terribly and I wish they were here to see their granddaughter, but I hope that one day we will see eachother again.

Now, on a completely un-related note, I shave my toes. Look, I'm trying really hard to come up with five things you don't know about me, and I'm pretty sure you didn't know that one. I detest hairy toes, and I've contemplated shaving Aaron's toes while he is sleeping just so I don't have to look at his anymore. Somehow I'm thinking he might not appreciate that too much.

I weigh exactly fifty pounds more than I did the day I graduated high school. That is fifty, as in with a FIVE and a ZERO put together side by side. I graduated high school in 2002, only four (almost five) years ago. That is pretty sad. It started with the "freshman-fifteen" my first year of college and went downhill from there. I gained fifty pounds while I was pregnant, and so far, three-and-a-half months later, I still have about twenty-five of those pounds left to lose. And I'm sorry but pilates ain't gonna do it.

I don't like chicken with bones in it. The bones are slimy and gross and so...bony! It makes me dry heave just to think about it. I also don't like dark meat chicken. Needless to say I will never get to enjoy a plate of barbecue buffalo wings while watching a football game, or whatever it is you do while enjoying buffalo wings. Somebody get me a trashcan because I'm about to puke just thinking about it.

I'm supposed to tag five people, but I'm only tagging two because I am rebellious like that, yo. Lindsey and Alicia By all means though, if you want to do this go right ahead, just let me know so I can come learn five things about you.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
In Which I Learn That Pilates is not for Me.
Did I tell you all that I joined the gym? I think I forgot to mention that little tid-bit of information, but HI! I joined the gym! You all should be very proud of me except that, well...I haven't actually gone yet. YET!! I was planning on going tonight for a pilates class, and then I got to thinking: Hmmm...what exactly is pilates? I figured the internet might know, so I googled Pilates. Well, let me just tell you that it's a good thing I did that! I'm pretty sure I would not be cut-out for all that crazy business. I think that maybe pilates is for people who are of the smallish variety, and I don't know if you noticed, but I am not of that particular variety. I do realize that this would have been a much better entry if I had just gone to the class not knowing what I was getting myself in to, but I am seriously glad that DID NOT HAPPEN! I think I might have been a little embarrassed in front of all the smallish pilates ladies. I'll stick to fat-burning classes like Cardio dance, because I got lots of fat to burn! That will be on Thursday, so stay tuned to see how that turns out.

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Tatertot Tuesday #14: A Cold Day in Georgia
And you thought I forgot it was Tuesday again! Silly internets. I am totally cheating on this one because I took this about two weeks ago when it was 20 degrees outside, and since I didn't have time for a photo shoot today, you get a two week old picture. I'm sure you don't mind.
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Friday, December 15, 2006
Empty Nest
In June of 2003, Aaron and I got our first apartment together. We were in college three hours away from home, and basically we were just having the time of our life. We searched long and hard for an apartment in our price range that would allow pets because we planned on getting a cat. We didn't have any luck, so we settled with a cute little duplex thats only selling point was the fireplace and the fact that it was literally three minutes from everywhere we needed to go.

Not long after we got our apartment, we went shopping at the mall, and lo and behold: there was a pet store. We decided to go in and just "look". Actually, Aaron was the one who wanted to go in. Have I ever told you that he has almost no self control whatsoever? Especially when it comes to buying things. Also? Most of the time he feels like rules don't apply to him. He is very good at talking himself out of situations, so when he bends or all out shatters the rules, he can usually get himself out of it.

So, he bought a cat. We stayed in that pet store for no less than three hours arguing about whether or not we should get a cat to take home to our apartment that DOESN"T ALLOW PETS. The answer was pretty clear to me: We don't buy the cat. But not to Aaron. He wasn't leaving that mall without that cat because "LOOK! He's the last one left! AND!! he's HALF PRICE."

This is when I learned that once Aaron gets his mind set on something, there is no talking him out of it. Plain and simple. So we went home with our 4 month old persian kitten, a $15 bag of cat food, organic litter, a blue litter box with scooper and about twenty-dollars worth of cat toys. We named him Coal October, and we both fell head over heels in love with him. We never got caught.

Coal has always been very independent, and that's one of the things I love about him. I've never wanted an animal that is up under my feet dying for attention all the time, and Coal is about as far from attention needy as they come. He's never been cuddly or very friendly, and if you're petting him you can bet it's his idea and not yours. And for a boy cat he is extremely prissy. If there was ever a hair or other foreign object in his water dish, he would stand over the dish and howl at the top of his lungs until you gave him some fresh, uncontaminated water. He's allergic to fleas, and has always been strictly an inside only cat because all of the few times we took him outside, he would freak out at the feel of the grass on his feet. That was, until he turned three years old and became a rebellious little jerk.

This year has been one of discovery for Coal. He discovered that outside? Isn't so bad after all. For the past few months, everytime we open the door he just about knocks us down to get outside. My motherly instincts set in (he is my first baby after all), and I worried that he wouldn't know what to do if he found himself in a dangerous situation. Of course Aaron just laughs and says "He'll be fine"! He will stay outside for a few hours and then come home and all was fine and dandy.

Until he started peeing on all my stuff.

Apparently he has become a little jealous of Aeralyn lately and he is taking it out on me by peeing on everything I own. So now, much to my dismay, Coal is a full-time outside cat. It has been so hard this week pushing him back out the door when he trys to sneak in behind us. The worst is hearing his sad little "Meow" at the door when it gets dark and he's ready to come in. But I just can't handle the cat pee everywhere. And Lord help his little feline soul if he were to pee on something of Aeralyn's, so outside is the best place for him.

I feel like I've lost him, and I can see that he doesn't understand why, all of the sudden, he isn't allowed inside. It breaks my heart. I just hope and pray that he will be fine and enjoy his new freedom. As long as he doesn't go too far from home.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Tatertot Tuesday #13: Oh wait, it's Wednesday...
Oh my goodness I completely thought it was Monday all day yesterday and I totally thought today was Tuesday. I knew it was Tuesday yesterday and I was too busy yesterday to post so I'm doing it today. Yeah, that's it. Here's the Tatertot fix you've all been waiting for.

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Friday, December 08, 2006
A Meme about Me
I saw this over at Alicia's and Erica's, who both consequently have little princesses named Kyra and Kira who are, I believe, right around the same age but thousands of miles apart. Pretty neat, and you should all go say hello and remind them how beautiful their girls are, you know, incase they forget.

I am: in a constant state of procrastination.
I want: to lose all this baby weight.
I have: many Christmas cards to send.
I wish: that my sister and nephew weren't sick so that we could go and visit them.
I hate: those little round green peas. That is one of the only vegetables I refuse to eat.
I miss: Michelle. I hope you're having a good time in Arizona!
I hear: Aeralyn's swing clicking and a commercial on TV.
I wonder: if Aeralyn will ever sleep through the night.
I regret: gaining all this weight while I was pregnant.
I am not: a good cook.
I dance: all the time.
I sing: to Aeralyn everyday.
I cry: a lot less now than when I was pregnant. =)
I am not always: in a good mood.
I make with my hands: scrapbooks to treasure for years to come.
I journal: every day. Not always on the internet, but I keep personal journals and a journal for Aeralyn. I can't imagine not having a journal. I think I would blow up if I didn't get my feelings out.
I confuse: myself and many others on a daily basis.
I need: a haircut. I haven't had a haircut in *GASP* atleast 6 months. I know, I know.
I should: start going to the gym after the new year.
I start: my mornings with a big smile from Aeralyn.
I finish: nothing. Ever.
I will tag: anyone that reads this. Yes, even you. Even if you don't have a website you can copy and paste it into an email and email me (momtotatertot [at] gmail [dot] com), or you can post it in your myspace blog (yes I'm talking to you Tara!). No excuses!!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006
Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen of My Favorite Movies
1. Forrest Gump
2. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
3. The Princess Bride
4. Robin Hood Men in Tights
5. Thirteen Going on Thirty
6. The Family Stone
7. Shrek and Shrek 2
8. Man on Fire
9. Ghost
10. Dirty Dancing
11. The Green Mile
12. Michael
13. Click

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Tatertot Tuesday #12: Christmas Card Photo Shoot
Yesterday I did a little photo shoot to get a picture for our Christmas card this year. She did so good! I got some really cute pictures of her. Here are a few:

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And this one was just too funny not to show you. She was getting a little tired of the camera by the end.
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Monday, December 04, 2006
Just for you!
Alicia demanded a picture of my thirsty Christmas tree, so here you go!

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This is the best photo I could get considering the time of day and the sun blaring through the windows there. But this pretty much shows you what it looks like. And I'll have you know that I have remembered to water it every day since my post about not watering it. You should all be very proud of me!

How do all of you decorate your trees for the holidays? Colored lights vs. white lights? Themed trees or just a collection of random ornaments that you've accumulated over the years? I am personally a big fan of colored lights on my tree, and I have somewhat of a "rustic" theme I guess. I don't really know what to call it, but I have a lot of pinecone ornaments, as you can see, along with a few woodland animal ornaments and some handmade ones from the local craftshows. But I also have alot of ornaments that look like pieces of candy and gingerbread cookies that don't go along with a rustic theme at all. I'm sure Aeralyn's homade oranments will be added through the years. I can't wait!

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Friday, December 01, 2006
Yay for Aeralyn!
I was videotaping Aeralyn just a few minutes ago to see if I could catch her rolling over because Aaron just informed me last night that he hasn't seen her do it yet. Not only did I catch her rolling over from tummy to back, something she does all the time (just not in front of Aaron apparently), but I also caught her rolling from her back to her tummy, for the VERY FIRST TIME!! She did it all the way and got her arm out from under her and everything! People, I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about this, you have no idea. And as soon as I can figure out how to get the video off of my camcorder and onto the computer, I will show it to all of you. Happy three month birthday Aeralyn!

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Month Three
Dear Aeralyn,

Your third month in this world has been one of many new discoveries for you. You have found your hands this month, and you love to chew them. Especially your thumb. I think that you might become a thumb sucker before too long because you still have yet to embrace the pacifier. You have also discovered that you can roll over. You rolled over a couple of times right before you reached two months old, but just this past week you have started rolling from your tummy to back constantly. Once you get on your back, you are not too happy about it, and you try your best to get back onto your tummy. On Tuesday you almost succeeded, but you couldn't get your arm from underneath you and you screamed until I came to your rescue. I'm so glad I can solve your problems that easily.

Oh how you love to smile, Miss Priss. You smile so much these days, and you even give us little hints of laughter. I'm still waiting on that big belly laugh that is going to melt me into one big pile of mommy-mush. I know it's coming soon.

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving with the family and it went off without a hitch. You even kept yourself entertained in the bouncey seat through the whole dinner so mommy could eat. Thank you!

Another big first this month was staying home with daddy while mommy went shopping. He kept you from 4:30am until 12:00pm. You were a perfect angel and he couldn't understand why mommy looks a little frazzeled sometimes when he comes home from work, and why sometimes she literally throws you at him and runs to another room for just one moment to herself. Next time you should try the nap free/scream everytime you're put down/explosive poop scenario and then maybe he might understand. But really, I'm so glad you were good for him. And almost every day you are good like that for me too.

You are doing much better with the naps, as long as you are in your swing. You have yet to sleep in your bassinett or crib for any length of time, but I'm not going to be picky as long as you will nap. You are the best baby this world has ever seen when you nap. And when you don't take a nap? Well, let's just say I'm already hoping that you have a baby just like you one day.

You have changed so much, and there is something new every day that it seems like I can't even keep up. I'm enjoying this time with you more than anything, and I'm getting in as many cuddles and kisses as I can right now because I know that as soon as you are mobile, there won't be as much time for those things. And it won't be long.

Loving you more and more each minute,

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